Schedule of Events

TitleCityState/ ProvinceDate Registration
CAL120314SoCal NAELA Chapter Quarterly Meeting  Dec 03, 2014
CAL1252014Missouri Chapter NAELA MeetingKansas CityMODec 05, 2014
2015SJS01Special Needs Trust Disbursements and Maximizing Benefits and Minimizing Conflict  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS02Once It’s Done, It’s Done: Medicaid and VA Irrevocable Trust Drafting  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS03When Capacity Issues Present - Helping the Attorney Build  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS04Navigating The Medicare Maze: Successfully Challenging Medi  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS05Advanced Drafting Considerations for Third Party SNT  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS06Beyond The Form: Financial Powers of Attorney: Drafting Provisions and Maximizing Acceptance  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS07When Your Clients Aren’t the Brady Bunch: Second Marriage/Blended Family Medicaid Planning  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS09Clearing the Air: Using ADR Techniques to Resolve Family Disagreements without Court/Formal Mediation  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS10To Stretch or Not to Stretch: IRA Planning for Owners and Beneficiaries  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS11Advanced Drafting Considerations for First Party Special Nee  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS12Putting It All On Paper - Letters of Intent  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS13When Your Clients Aren’t the Brady Bunch: Second Marriage/Bl  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS16Planning for Aid and Attendance when Situations Get Complicated  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS17Getting Paid: Fee Agreement Forms and Provisions for Various Client SituationsOn Demand Audio Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS19Timing Social Security Applications: Maximizing Benefits  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS20When Your Clients Aren’t the Brady Bunch: Second Marriage/Bl  Jan 01, 2015
2015SJS21Continuing Your Practice Through Tough Times  Jan 01, 2015
CAL012215Wisconsin 17th Annual Elder Law WorkshopWisconsin DellsWIJan 22, 2015
CAL012315Indiana NAELA UnProgram INJan 23, 2015
2015EXSUMMExhibit/Sponsor Registration 2015 SummitNewport BeachCAJan 29, 2015
2015SUMT2015 SummitNewport BeachCAJan 29, 2015
2015EXANNExhibit/Sponsor Registration 2015 Annual MeetingOrlandoFLMay 14, 2015
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