NAELA believes that it is imperative that given the size of the baby boom generation that all Americans be able to retire with an adequate income based on their individual work history.

A. NAELA supports the protection of worker and employee defined benefit plans.

B. NAELA supports the expansion of coverage to increase the number of workplaces and workers covered.

C. NAELA supports funding for the Pension Counseling provisions in Title VII of the Older Americans Act.

D. NAELA supports the protection of participants of Defined Contribution Retirement Plans.

E. To protect retirement savings, NAELA supports the exemption of 401(k) accounts, 403(b) accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts and other retirement savings accounts from consideration as assets or resources for purposes of eligibility for public benefits.

F. NAELA supports the establishment of a new agency in the Department of Labor, the Office of Pension Participant Advocacy, to assist workers and retirees to get required help with respect to retirement plans.

Resolutions adopted by the NAELA Board of Directors November 11, 2004
Revised June 29, 2007
Posted March 2013