NAELA recognizes that millions of seniors and people with disabilities cannot afford private legal services. One of NAELA’s missions is advocating for quality legal services for seniors and people with disabilities including those who are unable to pay for such services.

A. NAELA supports the full funding of the Legal Services Corporation and other state and federal efforts, including, but not limited to, retaining civil legal services as a priority for services funded under Title IIIB of the Older Americans Act, to provide quality legal services to the low-income seniors and disabled.

B. NAELA supports the funding of national and state centers to coordinate and support the work of local legal services programs.

C. NAELA opposes prohibitions on class actions, legislative advocacy and other restrictions which diminish the remedies available to elders and disabled persons who are served by the Legal Services Corporation.

D. NAELA supports the expansion and development of specialized legal services programs such as Medicare advocacy, health insurance counseling, pension counseling, guardianship representation, and other types of legal advocacy targeted at meeting the legal needs of seniors and people with disabilities.

E. NAELA encourages the participation of its members in providing pro bono and reduced fee services.

Resolutions adopted by the NAELA Board of Directors May 6, 1998
Revised November 11, 2004 and June 29, 2007
Posted March 2013