Grassroots Advocacy Network Initiative (GRANI)

Following passage of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, the NAELA Board of Directors committed to building NAELA’s grassroots network in order to advocate more effectively on issues which affect our clients. A task force, chaired by Charlie Sabatino, reviewed NAELA’s DRA grassroots efforts, interviewed other professional membership organizations to assess their grassroots programs, and developed an October 2006 report on needed steps to boost the NAELA grassroots network. The Task Force recommended the establishment of an ongoing grassroots subcommittee to oversee and expand NAELA’s grassroots efforts.

The Grassroots Subcommittee invites all NAELA members to join the NAELA Grassroots Advocacy Network Initiative (GRANI).
     Benefits and Expectations of Membership 
     Grassroots Subcommittee Members
     Task Force Report - October 2006


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