Partner with NAELA

There are a variety of ways for companies to partner with NAELA to provide benefits to the NAELA membership. Our goal is to build long term relationships with companies that offer our members valuable products and services. Many companies reach out to our membership through advertising and exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities. Some companies look to become a valued Member Benefit Partner. Please read below for further details on partnership opportunities with NAELA.


Your message can reach over 4,500 attorneys and 30 law schools around the United States and abroad. These individuals include decision makers in small and large firms as well as future Elder Law Attorneys. And because we have ad sizes to fit any budget you can reach all of these people no matter what size company you are.

There’s never been a more important time to target Elder Law Attorneys and their clients. That’s because the U.S. Census Bureau has shown that the elderly population is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. In fact, the number of citizens over the age of 65 is expected to double in the coming years as the “baby boom” generation ages.

So whether your product is used by lawyers or their clients, you can expect an increased need for your services. NAELA News is the only national publication that serves Elder Law Attorneys. So if you want them to use your services, this is the best way to reach them and get your message out. 

 NAELA News Deadlines

 Issue      Publication Date      Reserve Space     Materials Due 
 No. 1 (Feb/Mar)      February      December 15     January 2
 No. 2 (Apr/May      April      February 15     March 1
 No. 3 (Jun/Jul)      June      April 15     May 1
 No. 4 (Aug/Sep)      August      June 15     July 1
 No. 5 (Oct/Nov)      October      August 15     September 1
 No. 6 (Dec/Jan)      December      October 15     November 1

 Advertising Rates (per issue)

Full Color Rates

Full Page      $1,250
Half Page      $790
Quarter Page      $560

 Cover Positions

Inside Front Cover Full Page      $1,560
Inside Front Cover Half Page      $980
Inside Back Cover Full Page      $1,400 
Inside Back Cover Half Page       $880 
Back Cover Half Page           $1,025

Black and White Rates

Full Page          $1,000
Half Page      $630
Quarter Page      $450

NAELA members receive a 25% discount on all advertising rates. NAELA News is published six times a year. Cancellation cannot be accepted after closing date. NAELA reserves the right to reject any advertising. Advertising is accepted at the discretion of NAELA News

 Submission Guidelines



Send high-resolution PDF files (PDF/X-1A:2001) that have:

• Fonts embedded in PDF

• High resolution TIF or JPEG


• Send artwork in Word or Publisher


Send four-color ads in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

• InDesign: Include fonts and image links

• Illustrator: Convert fonts to outlines

• Photoshop: Flat layers, 300 dpi



• Send EPS files with text   

Send PDF, TIF, and EPS files.

• Convert text to outlines

• Minimum of 300 dpi.


• Send low-resolution TIF files

• Send files on floppy disks


Files can be sent electronically to Nancy Sween, Director of Communications and Publications. You can also download the Media Kit form at the bottom of the page, complete it to reserve your advertising space and return it to us via fax or mail. Please also note that we can create an advertisement for you at the following rates:

Quarter Page    $250

Half Page         $300

Full Page         $500


Exhibitor and Sponsorship Opportunities

The focus of the Academy is to provide members continuing legal education programs on a broad range of Elder Law topics. Face-to-face meetings and workshops facilitate networking and professional growth opportunities for like-minded attorneys practicing throughout the country. Exhibiting your products and services at NAELA events provides your company the opportunity to reach out to potential new clients. Sponsoring a NAELA event is also a great way to get your company recognized by the premier providers of legal services to the elderly and people with special needs.

Media Kit
(Adobe PDF File)

Director of Communications and Publications 
Nancy Sween
703-942-5711 #225